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WithSoul Accessories

My name is Svitlana and I am the founder, owner and designer of this brand. Also, I am a happy wife and a mother of a beautiful daughter, which inspires me every day.

I like decoration and jewelry. I can see beauty around me and I love to create things with my hands.
I often hear that I have golden hands and that I have an inventor spirit since my childhood
But the history of the brand begins in January 2015.

My daughter, professional photographer, offered me to assist in her “Wedding hairstyle” project with innovative ideas of hair accessories. Since then, I have started creating accessories and I can not stop.
I began experimenting with different clips, combs, beads, flowers, ribbons etc. This new hobby brought fresh excitement, diversity and enjoyment to my daily life.

I have two diplomas: one in engineering  and one finance. When my customers say that my work is beautiful and comfortable, I'm joking that this is a fashion accessory made by an engineer.

My artworks attract a lot of customers in Ukraine and abroad.
I hope you find something that you need and like  in my shop too!

Welcome to the shop WithSoulAccessories!

Best regard
You can read about me here: https://www.look4ward.co.uk/diy/stylish-accessories-to-sparkle-your-hair/